About Potnia Theron

My background includes degrees in different fields because I basically have the attention span of a five year old, although I know lots of five year olds who are better at staying on task than I am. My research is largely in neuroscience, but that is subject to change, too. In my view, I’m not quite a blue-hair yet, but it’s damn close. I’ve got a number of hot button issues, which includes dinosaurs, NIH and NSF (I have funding from both), justice (which includes women’s and LGBT issues), and surviving in academia for all genders, religions, species and proclivities. When I was in college, I was frequently the only woman in my classes, which sucked. My strategy then, as it is now, involves lots of single malt scotch.

I like this picture because the original Potnia is  holding snakes, and I like snakes. images


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