Grant proposal submitted, and now some small space in life

My R01 proposal (what used to be called a “competing continuation”, but is now just a “renewal”) is gone. It is the best I could make it, but as is true of papers, it was just abandoned to submission. Right now, I hate the sucker. (although still am really excited about the project).

When I was younger, and more foolish, as well as more hopeful, I used to major celebrate the submission of a new proposal. I remember after one memorable marathon writing session in the days of paper submission,when it was done and gone, going out with a collaborator, who had come from Canada, to the locally famous, locally churned ice cream place and having enormous hot fudge sundaes for dinner.

My celebration tonight may be a bottle of this that I have been saving:



2 thoughts on “Grant proposal submitted, and now some small space in life

  1. Congrats on the submission. Celebrate.
    When I submit, for a few hours, maybe a day, I manage to quit the voices in my head that are shouting “You need to send in more grants”. Sometimes I even hold some confidence that it will be funded, if only because it is cool stuff. Still, next day things are back to reality because it is time to deal with the pile of things that was postponed while writing.

    Thanks for all you share. VERY useful to newbies like me.

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