Open Access and the Average Clinical Researcher

I recently went to the meeting of the clinical society related to my research. Its a speciality meeting, small, and a variety of kinds of clinicians. There are a few basic sceintists, but the emphasis is clearly on clinical research and translation of results to patient

One thing  shocked me, shocked I say. At the editorial board meeting, I was surprised at the number of people who had no concept of what OA is. They did not understand the difference of paying to have an article available immediately in a Springer or Verlag journal and publishing in an OA journal (which most of the big sci publishers run). They did not understand how preditory OA journals differ from PLosOne, either.

People with a small clue told stories – the guy who founded his own  journal to boost his CV, the person who paid $5K for nothing, in the end. People were disbelieving. Does this really happen, they asked.

The evangelists have their work cut out for them.


One thought on “Open Access and the Average Clinical Researcher

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