Race at Universities

A NYTimes article on racism on campus contained this quote [emphasis mine]:

Charles Tkacik, a freshman at Johnson & Wales University in North Miami, Fla., who is white, said in an email that while public demonstrations of racism were rare at his university, “there is a deep layer of contempt and hatred among a percentage of students toward other races.”

Some students believe certain races to be ‘dirty, noisy and rude,’ ” Mr. Tkacik wrote.

A long time ago, I went to a fancy party at a fancy club for members of my department and spouses. My colleague, a person of color, brought her husband, who like every other person had dressed up. I cringed when someone said, the next day “Your husband is so clean and neat”. I wanted to do something, say something, but my colleague said no. I am duck she said, and this rolls off my back. Anger turned to sadness.

The article also says:

In the news media and in popular culture, the notion persists that millennials — born after the overt racial debates and divisions that shaped their parents’ lives — are growing up in a colorblind society

Colorblind? No, racism has just become more subtle, more insidious and more pernicious. (although thats the same thing as subtle and insidious). Listen to what people say:

Alex Ngo, 21, who is majoring in communications, rejected the notion of colorblindness. “When I hear people say, ‘We’re all people, we’re all human, I don’t see color,’ to me that means, ‘I don’t see you, you don’t exist,’ ” he said.

While there has been progress, there is far to go before we sleep.


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