When dual IC assignment works at NIH

It does work. First, my colleague, former trainee, etc, Young Padawan, received this from the original IC:

 we negotiated with NIXXXX that they take the primary assignment of your grant.  Dr. Stingypants will be the program director.   As part of the transfer, we made it clear to XXX that NIYYYY was willing to co-sponsor the application.   After the paylines are determined for our institutes, we will work together to negotiate support.

Note, the PO told Young Padawan that currently that NIXXXX’s payline might be higher at 12% (NIYYYY might be 9%). The dual assignment is to help YP get funded.

Then of course, is the usual NIH disclaimer that we don’t promise anything, and even if you have a 1% score, even if you walk on water, even after we have sent the money, we don’t promise anything (the score was very very good):

There are no guarantees that the grant can be paid; however, the review was excellent and both ICs have interest that it move forward.

I suggest that you do contact Dr. Stingypants and work with her for any information that she may need for council.  I will remain as the secondary assignee and present the grant to NIYYYY council.


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