My home page: APOD

I love what I do. I get up with my hair on fire. I’ve had ups and downs, including a department chair that really hates me, although he doesn’t just hate me, he hates all sorts of people. But when I was little, I had a hard time choosing between being a scientist and being an astronaut. When I was little astronauts were not scientists, nor were they women. I am grateful for parents who did not inform me of these facts till I was older. Anyway, the vestiges of astronaut desire are manifest are in my home page: the Astronomy Picture of the Day. It’s where I go to dream. Today’s (Sunday’s) is just super. There are all sorts of versions of this around. There was a great one at IMAX years ago, that started in St. Mark’s square in Venice. Of course everything is on youtube now.

The universe is an incredible place.


2 thoughts on “My home page: APOD

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