The Hell with Amazon

I bought an early Kindle. I loved it. I still love it. It is superb for long airplane trips, that have the potential to involve long waits in airports. No sitting on the floor using the outlet for the vacuum cleaner to recharge. And on vacation – it works in the sun.

I am now several years into this Kindle. Its battery is beginning to show its years. I actually called Amazon to find out what to do. There are youtubes on how to buy a third party battery and change it. I figured I’d cost compare to Amazon. Well, the calculation is either vanishingly large or small, depending on who’s in the numerator and who’s in the denominator.

Amazon says “well you just have to throw it away”. Actually they didn’t say that. They said something about a small (?10$) discount on buying a new one, but that there is nothing they can or will do to support a dying battery in an existing kindle. WTF? The machine is still good. Throw it away, cause you won’t sell me a new battery? Actually, they sell the third party batteries, which seems to me to be a bit of the left hand and right hand are not playing on the same piano.



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