The Ta-Ta’s

I have an older friend. She is a member of the  “greatest generation”.

Brief aside… when I was not yet old enough to appreciate what a  generation meant, the Greatest (which was auto-corrected to the “greasiest” which while may be amusing, is only true in a very limited sense) was called the Silent Generation. It is a marvel of re-branding – by them – to become the Greatest. It means that they are no longer responsible for things like the Vietnam war or Richard Nixon (which I recognize is irrelevant to all you Millennials out there – but  which set the stage for the increases in military spending that  did not stop after the war was over). When I was a student/postdoc, we looked at that generation and the leading edge of the boomers and felt pretty much all the hate that I get from the Gen-Xers and Millennials at this point in time. Anyway…

My friend refers to her boobs as the Tata’s. With a capital T. She wears low-cut blouses and says “the heck with the rest of the world if they can’t appreciate it”. Her other comment that I take to heart is: “some days the tatas just need to run wild, and some days they just want to be noticed”.  So today I am wearing something that is low-cut and shows a bit of cleavage. My mother, who was a professor dressed in suits and professional dresses her weekday life, would approve of the “dress-up blouse” – she always despaired of my sartorial choices. She’d also laugh about the Tata’s hanging out and getting a bit of air.

I’ve lost too many people in the last few years. And around this time of year, I always feel like I’ve lost them in the last few weeks. Whether it’s a partner, a spouse, a child, a parent, or just a good friend of your heart, whether through death or just stupidity, it is always too soon. And if you’re not a religious/spiritual person, or even just rational, you know they are gone, except in your heart and mind. So for those of you who are mourning someone who feels like they just left you, let the Tatas (or whatever piece of normally held tight anatomy you keep close) have some air today. It is good to be alive.


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