what I forgot in the post on reviewing grants

Forgot the following in my earlier post about serving on a SS:

Very important!

The ECR program: Early Career Reviewer.

How to apply?

Send your up-to-date CV and a list of terms that describe your scientific expertise to CSREarlyCareerReviewer@mail.nih.gov. If accepted, you will be asked to provide your NIH Commons ID.  If you do not have one, please talk with your institution’s grants office to set up a Commons Account.  Directions can be found at http://era.nih.gov/Docs/COM_UGV2630.pdf.

And in answer to:

Needhi Bhalla@NeedhiBhalla 6 Dec @pottytheron would you suggest that asst profs that participated in ECR send letters to SRO, etc as well?

I don’t think you can serve twice. Requirements:

Who is Eligible?

To qualify for the ECR Program you must:

  • Be a full-time faculty member or researcher in a similar role. (Post-Doctoral Fellows are not eligible, but may become eligible following completion of their training.)
  • Show evidence of an active independent program of research
  • Have recent senior authored research publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • Have not served on a CSR study section in a role other than a mail reviewer or ARRA reviewer

Prior NIH funding is NOT a requirement

But I think that in addition to applying through the program, contacting a specific SRO would be a good thing to do. Again, saying you want to participate, and that the SS of that SRO is interesting and relevant to you.


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