NIH study section demographics

From my study section notes. Live blogging seemed to be a bad idea.

Only one NIH PO had a coat and tie on. One sports jacket (the chair), but lots of collared shirts (male and female). No t-shirts. Lots of sweaters on females. Average age: grey beard and blue hair. Two yalmakas. 20% Asian membership, 2 Europeans (by accent).  A couple of associate profs (very young looking but I didn’t ask the age). No assistant profs. I mentioned that to Staff.


3 thoughts on “NIH study section demographics

    • probably 30% women. Age range in women was greater than in men, which probably reflects the underlying population structure. No people of color (that I could tell, and I am not a perfect judge of such things, other than NIH staff , which in general is usually more diverse). I am not sure about other ethnic groups, other than judging on names, there did not appear to be any. But as we know, Isis sounds more Egyptian than Latina.

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