Human Beings

I need a specialty table for a set of animal experiments. Amongst other things, it needs to be adjustable height, but weight bearing for more than fat rats and a particular non-standard size. I wish I was working with Hippos, but not quite that weight bearing.

I mentioned this to one of the shop guys I saw in the hall, asking if he knew of any companies that did that kind of thing, but without charging several limbs, plus one’s first born child. He said not off the top of his head, but he’d get back to me.

I saw him when I was coming in this morning, and he said “Hey, I’ve been thinking about your table, and did some sketches. Can you get me a design, with rough specs? I think I can build it for you with stuff we’ve got lying around.”

Wow. This is so not-MRU philosophy (“if you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t be here trying to do it”). It is a good reminder that not everyone is a schmuck.


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