Things that frost my shorts about the tea party

Actually, this could be a whole series. But right now, given some of what is going on in Hawaii I have a special, philosophical irk with those who favor limited government.

If these idiots had even a small amount of consistency it would be easier to contemplate engaging in discussion. But they don’t. They are opposed to more government, except for the military. They are opposed to government interference in life, except of course when it suits their religious feelings (and I am sure that I dont have to add a link for that).

But the tea-party libertarians who say that allowing for marriage equality (or marriage for those Godless Sinners) would make for more government and more cost really, really frost my shorts. Look, the true libertarian position (not that I would claim such a title), is that the government should get the heck out of the marriage business all together. (They usually add, with appropriate protection for kids, this is where I get nervous, I’m not sure how that would work). Marriage should be the provenience of religion or social groups, even the Church of the FSM.  The gov’t should not give a damn about whether you are married or not (also I have a problem with benefits for partners issues at this point).

It seems to me that more than the spending of money for “extra benefits’ (aside for the arguments that since the TP-ers get those benefits, why shouldn’t everyone?????), is much less than the argument about interfering in people’s lives. If someone said “the religious right shouldn’t be able to marry” there would be an outcry from the Supreme Court on down.

Which brings up the point about that if anyone proposed to let people not hire Women, People of Color, Catholics, etc on the basis of religious conviction, they would be laughed at. But somehow its ok for people’s religious sensibilities to dictate who they can hire.

Yuck.  We hates the hypocrites.



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