Things that frost my shorts: conservative single mothers edition

This article about conservative single mothers irritates the whatever out of me for several reasons.

Firstly it is barely about conservative mothers. It is mostly about religious single mothers. It is true that the Republicans have become the party of Christianity and God-himself-incarnate. Or rather the perception that it is. This is dangerous for so many reasons although often I feel that CPP has the right attitude and mode of expression. What can’t these idiots realize that their religion is their choice (and they are lucky to have it) and that they should accord others the same respect – whatever their religion is and isn’t?

But… why couldn’t the article put it in the context of religious views – rather than conservative. Is the conservativeness a direct result of the religion? If so that suggests a bigger problem than the hypocrisy of single mothers, the hypocrisy of the religious right. There are other conservatives than the religious ones. (CPP has the clearest expression of contempt for these). Are there (not-rich, not-1%-ers, not movie stars) single, conservative women who are not evangelical, fundamentalist Christians? Did Worthen (the author of the NYT article) just not look hard enough, or, more interestingly, don’t they exist? The latter is a very interesting point, and to me, says more about what goes on inside of Christianity than it does about single conservative women.

Secondly, this quote sums it all up:

“went from food stamps to a six-figure income,” she said. Ms. Maggio credits God, not government assistance, with helping her climb out of poverty.

Hey, that is my tax money that you used to climb out of poverty. I’m glad you did. I’m glad you got a job and got off of government assistance. But God’s help? Please. How about thanking all the godless, jewish, muslim taxpayers who helped you?

Does that mean all the people who don’t do what you did are not loved by God? or not loved as much? Does that mean the widowed 70+ year old women who didn’t work, and are scraping by on social security are not as important to God as you are? What arrogance.

“The left runs its mouth about choice, but doesn’t respect a woman’s choice to stay home,” Ms. Secor said.

Actually, if you knew anything about the left, you’d know this is an ongoing discussion. Of course, women can stay at home, but who is going to pay for it? A rich relative? Your church, any church? The article implies that Ms. Secor rejects government support, but there are a million ways the government ends up supporting us all, even if you home school, including clean water, lights on the streets at night, public health initiatives and a rule of law that may not be perfect, but goes a long way to making it possible for us to do other things with our lives.


One thought on “Things that frost my shorts: conservative single mothers edition

  1. It’s tough to say, but maybe if she’d let go some of those conservative values and used a bit of birth control (yikes!) then she might not have had to be a single mom in the first place, and so would be even better off by now.

    Of course, if she also understood basic scientific reasoning (granted this can be difficult for a religious person) then she’d know not to conflate correlation and causation… “good things happened at the same time I believed in the magic sky fairy, therefore the magic sky fairy CAUSED those good things to happen to me”. has some interesting numbers on her organization. Lots of multiple hundreds of thousands of dollar programs, with no outcomes or success metrics or monitoring. A big mismatch between receipts and expenditures too. But of course, it’s a 501c3 tax dodge org.

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