Shit my department chair sez

As readers of this blog know, my department chair is an endless source of amusement.

He has an endless stream of free postdocs from colleagues at a particular foreign university. That University pays the salary of these postdocs, some of whom are physicians getting into research, others are clinicians in other disciplines. They are as a group very good, very hardworking, and stay for 1-2 years. He has on average 1-2 a year, and never less than 3 at a time. They are busy reworking his old data. This guy hasn’t done an experiment in 5 years (despite sinking nearly 1 * 10^6 $$ of dept funds into his lab when he became chair).

I suggested that he might consider discussing with our junior colleagues (in the same subdiscipline) whether a free postdoc might be helpful to them. He got all huffy and said “if I shared these postdocs, I would have to stop publishing because my job as chair is so demanding”. This falls into the basket of knowing what you own. He doesn’t.


7 thoughts on “Shit my department chair sez

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