Working the NIH part 5 K-awards

K-awards are career development awards, for slightly more advanced/experienced trainees than the F-awards. There is a lot of overlap, and if you’re looking for NIH training, definitely take a look at both.  As I said before, the K-awards are named after Ruth Kirschstein, who broke a few glass ceilings in her day.

From the NIH training page, which shows the three primary and large categories of funding opportunities for trainees from the NIH, there is a link for K-kiosk. Lots of good stuff on this page. The K-awards across institutions page, which tells you which IC’s are sponsoring which types of K-awards is “Currently being revised.” I’ll update when available. This sucks.But you can find the information by following the links to specific types of K-awards. More on that below.

The Career Award Wizard  (helps you select the right career award) is up and going. It’s useful for mentors to work through this, it helps understand the various mechanisms available.

In general they split the K-awards into two types, for people with clinical degrees:

k-health prof

and people without clinical degrees, also known as basic scientists:

k-research phd

There are 9 different k-awards for people with clinical doctorates (MD’s, psychs, SLPs, Auds, PTs, etc) and 8 different k-awards for people with research doctorates. It would be tough to go through all of these, but lots are very specific – some are for mid-career or late-career researchers (the latter are few in number, and only from a few IC’s). Some are specific for a few fields, such as K05 for Cancer Prevention and Control, and others for behavioral research, promotion of diversity, muscular dystrophy. Check the link for specific types, or go through the wizard for help.

This page also has a link to the guidelines for reviewers of grants, a wonderful thing to read before you write. The link takes you to the Center for Scientific  Review Home page, which can be a bit daunting. Follow the links to Reviewer Resources and then to specific review guidelines, which contains links for all the types of R’s, F’s, T’s and Ks. (as well as other mechanisms that might be less interesting to a trainee at this point in time).

There are also links to two bits of award/admin info: Funded Career Development Awards  and Career Award Application Success Rates. The latter is a very useful spreadsheet that has the data broken down by IC and mechanism (type of K-award) so you can make strategic decisions.

There are also links to two podcasts that are useful. More detail on K-awards tomorrow.

  • Career Development Podcasts Podcast
    • Enhance Your Research Capabilities through an Independent Career Award (July 29, 2010) – MP3 (15 min) | Transcript
    • Using Career Development Awards to Achieve Independence (June 21, 2010) – MP3 (12 min) | Transcript

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