Death by Hanging for Rapists in India

4 Sentenced to Death in Rape Case That Riveted India

The writer Nilanjana S. Roy warned that executions would circumvent the more difficult question of why Indian girls and women are so vulnerable to sexual violence, most often at the hands of people they know.

“A base but very human part of me would like them to suffer as much as they made that woman suffer,” she wrote in an opinion article in The Hindu, going on to envision the result if convicted rapists were hanged consistently for a year: 10,000 neighbors, shopkeepers, tutors, grandfathers, fathers and brothers.

Will the death penalty change the behavior of others in the future? Is it ok to have a grey line as to who gets the death penalty or is it always wrong? The oppression or problems of women in India are not as bad other places. What is going to take to change that in the world?



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