Working the NIH – part 6 finding miscellaneous compliance info

Compliance is one of those issues that is a pain in the ass. I don’t think its worth necessarily following these links right now. But its good to be able to find them. Know what you don’t know. Know how to find the information about what you don’t know.

This stuff was a bit buried, and I found it looking for stuff on K & F awards.

On the NIH home page, there is a link, NOT Grants & Funding, but Research & Training. This can be a bit confusing. It contains info on intramural programs, training opportunities, Research Resources (a grab bag of stuff on programs NIH has on model organisms, stem cell resources, and various other stuff that at some point might useful).

The category that falls into the category of very useful, although probably not at this exact instant in time are the stuff on compliance, safety, regulation, etc. It has links to bioethics info, animal info, etc. Here is the whole list of links:

Safety, Regulation & Guidance


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