Amazing return of walkabout software disk

My disks for Adobe Illustrator went walkabout 4 months ago. I sent emails to everyone, no accusations, just “I have a new computer, need the disks”. Nothing happened. Someone left the lab a month later. Another set of emails, and some frantic searching (yes it is possible that it was filled with the umpteen CD’s that have raw data from a machine that won’t write to an external hard disk – fuck Toshiba).

Then , lo… a miracle occurred, and the disks reappeared on a general lab table. No note. No nothing. I’m glad to have ’em back.


Sidney Harris is a fucking genius.




2 thoughts on “Amazing return of walkabout software disk

  1. This recently occurred to me with my favorite pair of forceps – disappeared for a few months, then magically reappeared in the wide open space on my bench Monday morning. I’m just happy they’re home šŸ™‚

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