There is good news and then there is the frustrating news about the research landscape

My MD/PhD student turned her thesis in today. She finished and defended and published in time to rejoin her 3rd year clinics on time. Others have done this by virtue of doing what I would call a master’s thesis – basically 1-2 first authored published papers. Many have just taken another 6 months, and eased themselves in over the next 3 months, essentially taking more time. Her thesis included five first authored publications, and several co-auths with others in the lab. She’s the one who got her own NIH funding –posted at Isis, can’t find link 😦  She’s a good person, on top of it.

This is more than a brag post. It is a post of concern and of frustration. I have lots of trouble with Teh Pizicians. De EM-DEEs. The ones who thing a degree means that they can do research. A PhD doesn’t mean you can do research, let alone good research either. Its supposed to be a marker of that, but we all know people who slip through.

My problem is that MD’s get a large dollop of arrogance mixed in with their morning vitamins. It is obviously an idiosyncratic combination of brains, heart, endurance, training and personality to what makes a good researcher. I know that I had to learn to be researcher. I just don’t think that many clinicians learn. They it came in that morning vitamin mix.

More to say on this… but I gotta go write an exam.


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