Shit my department chair says

I could have a TV show.

An Oldie but goodie. I suggested that having 3 times per year retreats that started at 9am and lasted till 1pm on Saturday (so that the physicians could come and not miss work…) was probably not a good a idea because lots of the parents really wanted that time with their children. His reply: well, when I was a junior faculty, I had to work every Sat from 8 to 2, and it didn’t bother me. We will eschew discussion about the neuroses of his children, about his enabling wife, and merely focus on the fact that this made the junior faculty unhappy.

When I came (as a tenured prof), I suggested that we have a promotions/ tenure comittee. His response: why? After some back and forth he agreed, but wanted to be on it. Eventually it was established, without him, but of course, entirely powerless. His view “I can make perfectly reasonable and accurate decisions about the junior faculty and really don’t need the help of a committee”. The ones that stay, of course.

Finally, the other day, I suggested that perhaps the jr faculty should have a representative on the promotions/tenure committee. The whole committee stared at me. Someone said “you’re joking, the next thing you’ll suggest is adding a Resident or a Fellow to the committee”. The chair’s response: “Dr. Theron, you’re not just a communist, you’re crazy”, which in a clinical department is not a light and joking insult, but the first step towards having “mandated counseling”. Which has been done for junior faculty (and gets them to leave very quickly, of course).







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