More Shit My Dept Chairs Says – late breaking edition

I just found out that a friend and colleague is leaving MRU. We didn’t collaborate a lot, but he was always good for a laugh, a bit of sympathy, and we could trade stories about DouchChairs.

Anyway, my friend was a triple-threat kinda dude – MD PhD, who was generally liked by the residents & fellows. He was mid-career, funded but not 100%, and did solid clinical research. He just got tired of the douchery. He said he didn’t want to miss his kids growing, which would have been the results of getting enough grant money to stay out of clinic. He said he was exhausted all the time. He was mentally exhausted. He was tired of the politics, the posturing and the BSD’s who ran his (surgical based) department. He got a job at a smaller med school, with less pressure. He’ll keep doing what he’s doing, and probably find some new friends to do it with. I will miss him.

Anyway, I told this to my chair. His response was “well, I always thought he was a dilettante”, giving my chair the chance to not only use a big word and prove how smart he is, but also to be condescending and prove what a fucking BSD he’d like to be. Some days I hate this place.


5 thoughts on “More Shit My Dept Chairs Says – late breaking edition

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