The Sadness of (some) Christian LGBTs

My father used to get a publication (in the days before the net) that was clearly from “the enemy” though he would never use that word. This was a political enemy (we haven’t gotten to the LGBT part of this post yet). I asked him why (after making fun of him, after his getting mad at me, just so you know that I had a normal relationship with him). He said: “you need to read what people who disagree with you write. You don’t get mad at them (I would say you don’t start frothing at the mouth, as I am inclined to do). You try and understand what they are saying. They may have a good argument or not, but if you wish to disagree you need to understand.”

So, I read a review of “Does Jesus Really Love Me? A Gay Christian’s Pilgrimage in Search of God in America” , something over which I was prepared to get really pissed off about. <insert frothing at mouth sound>. I have lots of trouble with religious LGBT’s, despite one of my best friends, as the expression goes. Wake up and smell the dog poop, I want to yell at them.

Anyway, there is a quote in the book that did in fact make me think, quoted in the review by a gay man who has given up sexuality:

“Sometimes, I do feel cheated because I haven’t been able to experience certain things in life, but then I remember that it’s not about me,” Olson tells Chu. “As a believer in Christ, you accept that this isn’t all there is to life. There’s a life to come. That will be a happy time.”

After I though “how fucking pathetic”, it made me think was “how incredibly sad”. I know that believers think there is another life. But what if there isn’t? Shouldn’t you be living this life to its fullest? I just cannot image compromising happiness in this life for a promise in the future, one for which there is not any evidence (ie take it on faith, sistah).

To me, the whole LGBT movement is about justice, recognition of people who may not be like yourself, honoring oneself, and finding joy in the life we lead today, without shame or guilt (depending on your ethnic context). While I want nothing to do with the Westboro Church or the Catholic Church or the orthdox Jews or Muslims who condem different (other than to tell them they are asshats), my heart goes out to the Kevin Olson’s of this world who postpone joy. Surely, if a diety exists in any form, that would be the last thing they would want.


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