Checking your grant when you are done

Tots weird. I published this today, but it put Apr1 on the date. Maybe WordPress thinks I’m kidding. I’m not.


(or even how to help read a colleague’s grant). This from NIAID which has great grant writing advice in a number of different places. (the links are to various subpages of the main one).This is a little opaque, but is worth reading and keeping in mind as you finish writing.

 After I write the Significance and Innovation sections, I check that:

My application makes a solid case for the reason my research is important, so all my reviewers understand its significance.

I balance the amount of information to include with my study section’s expertise in my research area.

 I focus on how my project addresses critical research opportunities that can move the frontier of knowledge in my field forward.

I highlight significance in other parts of the application, such as the Abstract.

To show innovation, I describe how my project is new and unique but not too far out of the box.

It also worthwhile to re-read the review criteria before submitting and try & think about your grant in those terms. I will admit though, that when I reach the end of the writing process, even if it is not a mad dash to the due date, I am sick and tired of the whole bloody thing and re-reading it one more time will make me slit my throat.


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