Things you can do about the funding crisis

1. Email your congress critter. Try here or here or here. Organize 10 others to email said critter. Better yet, organize 10 people each of whom will organize 10 others. You’re a scientist, you know of exponential functions.

2. For yourself, find sympathetic people at your institution. Senior people. Admin people. Go talk to them. Organize the hordes in your lab to go talk to them. Propose bridge funding. Propose changes in tenure. Reasonable and rationale are the keys here.

3. If you are jr TT faculty, go talk to senior people. Find a professional (as opposed to scientific/discipline) mentor. We hired you to succeed. I have learned (as a doucheboomer) things I think are obvious (grant budget management, time management) are not always obvious to the young and pure of heart.

4. Quick fucking around on the internet and get one more paper out. CPP said it best one strategy is to keep our own asses funded as best as possible.

Finally, words of wisdom from the master (CPP):  I see no evidence that “the system is broken”. If the budgets stay tight, then the fairest way to shell motherfuckers out of the system is via peer review.

It is tiresome to read the “kill the oldies” “kill the ivies” “kill UC/Hopkins” and best of all “Kill the 500”.

There is little in this world that is as fair as the current peer review system. If you have a better idea, that does not specifically benefit YOU over others, please share. Indeed, there should be more young people on study sections, perhaps there should be a limit on the number of grants one individual can hold, but those are tweaks on what currently exists. Congress, or State Governments, or Professional Societies, or even You giving out the money will not improve anything. Certainly whinging on the internet will not make anything better.


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