Where does my tax money go?

Over at DM’s there is an ongoing discussion about mouths at the trough. The latest bit has generated some good discussion (and the some of the usual suspects).

One of the things people are outraged, outraged I tell you, about is Sally Rockey’s (head of NIH OER) salary. I really don’t give a damn about that. But its worse than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, its worried that the finger towels are getting damp.

What is worthwhile is noting where the fuck does the tax money go.

Here are some links to get your bile flowing:

Where does my tax dollars go? is an interactive site where you enter your salary, etc and find out the amounts. But it includes a nice pie chart (though I tend to despise pie charts) showing the breakdowns. Sample below for 100K.


There are lots more of these of varying quality, insight and readability.

The bottom line however is that scientific & medical research is a tiny sliver of the pie:


The question become what do we want to spend our money on, is science/research a good investment, and if so, relative to what? And if the problem, our problem is person per unit money, do we decrease persons, increase money, or both?


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