I am quite taken with the #bikedouchery, #walkdouchery and #rundouchery on twitter. I ride bikes, but chose to keep it a relaxing activity rather than one of douchery. As for running – ummm ummmm ummmm.

I ran in my younger days. A lot. Distances. Hurdles. 30-50 miles per week. When da Goils did not do such things. I was on the boy’s track team. Needless to say, over the years of running in the city, and running before running shoes, I have destroyed my knees. The only reason I haven’t had replacements, is that I am too young. Ha. Not a true boomer, at that.

Which brings up point one of this post: running can suck if you are not careful. Good shoes, not on sidewalks or cement, etc. Everyone can point to someone who is 70 and still running 30 miles a week. You can also point to some one who is 70 and still smoking two packs of ciggies a day. Only 30-40% (number needs checking, I admit, but that’s what it was 10 years ago) of regular smokers get cancer. I dont know and couldn’t find the number of older people, in particular the femmes type people, who ran regularly in their youth and destroyed their cartilage. Anyway, your kids never listen to you, neither do your mentees.

So, I have taken up lifting. I want to be strong. I am strong. I love it. Its challenging, I include so HIIT (high intensity interval training) at the end. I am in superb shape. I do miss running, outside, in the semi-wild. I always will.

Now, I have a internet trainer friend named Roy Pumphrey. His blog is here. He probably wouldn’t meet Adria Steven’s standards for feminism. I’m working on changing that. He is totally committed, however, to making anyone and everyone strong. He made a huge difference to me (and if you’re reading this Roy, go blush somewhere else). Go read.


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