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Inequalities in higher education access. Brilliant story. Sometimes its not race, gender, sexual orientation or physical disability. Sometimes its class. We forget that.


2 thoughts on “Go Read!

  1. Thanks, great read. But I wonder what a viable solution is. Part of the reason the military sends recruiters everywhere is, as the author says, that they need applicants. But part of it is also sheer size. Elite institutions didn’t send recruiters to my high school either, but I was lucky enough to be at a school where I had guidance for how to apply without that. For those that are not – how do we build the infrastructure to help them get there? I don’t feel like the expectation that institutions start sending recruiters everywhere is realistic, and I’m not sure it would be that effective anyway. But what’s the alternative?

  2. I can completely relate to this story. I was in the same boat and I felt overwhelmed at the idea of applying to any college, much less an ivy. I would also add that it is very difficult as a non-travelled kid from a low socioeconomic background to imagine leaving the security and culture of their region for an unfriendly big city. It may also surprise some people that the thought of living in a place where it snows can be intimidating for those from warmer regions of the country. (I didn’t even own a coat..)
    I have been a college professor at a “New Ivy” for less than a year and it is amazing to me how different the students are from the small open admissions state college I attended (in my hometown). Even now, after a Ph.D., two postdocs in fancy institutions, and years adjusting to eating at restaurants that don’t have a buffet, I can still remember exactly what it was like to be a high school senior wondering how to even apply to college. Now most high school students have internet access, which is helpful for figuring that stuff out. But if these elite institutions really want to make low income/rural students think their university is a plausible option they need to find a way to disseminate info to those students. Maybe pamphlets sent to the schools describing how to apply to college, financial aid info and which students would be a good “fit” for their institution??

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