Things to do when you sit down to write a grant proposal (part 1)

At least what I do:

Detailed, hard core, up to the picosecond literature search. Nothing will sink a proposal faster than someone else having tested and published on your hypothesis. Even the old farts who think not only do they know the entire field, but that they invented it, do this (at least the good ones).

This is not always easy. I did a theoretical thesis so I would not have too much literature to read. But done it must be.


3 thoughts on “Things to do when you sit down to write a grant proposal (part 1)

  1. Can’t help but think if you are depending on a lit search to know your field, you are already in trouble. Certainly, lit search is important, but talking to other experts, conference attendance just as or more critical.

  2. Didn’t say that you could ignore meetings, etc etc. But beware the blinders that say “if it wasn’t at my meeting it must not be important”, or i”f it wasn’t in my aisle or with my keywords at SfN that it obviously didn’t happen”.

    Of course you know the key outstanding questions, or you wouldn’t be writing the grant, now would you? BUT… I have seen grants go down because someone on the other side of the mountain had published something that either shot holes in the main thesis or had answered one of the aims.

    The world is large.

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