Types of Work, Types of Respect

During the aforementioned crisis, I had time to watch workers in the trades. I am not good with my hands. I am not particularly strong. And I am certainly not skilled with tools. I do not begrudge paying people for their considerable abilities in all of the above. These people do not command (by and large) the respect that a “University Professor” does. Is it really harder to work with your mind than your hands?

Anybody may be able to drive a tractor (and yes, I have, and done lots of farmwork), but there is a significant amount of physical and mental intelligence and training involved in electrical repair, plumbing, building. All of my grandparents were physical laborers of one sort or another. Most of them started working as children, and were nearly illiterate. They worked so that their children would not have to do what they did. What my parents drilled into my head was respect for what their parents had given them, and by extension to me and my sibs. I honor them, as I try to respect the people whose jobs are very different from mine.


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