Neuroscience Initiative!

Woot! Woot! Obama and mapping the Brain!11!!!


This is not my area of research, and I doubt that any of the money will flow my way. But to see this president, my president, actually take on a major science project is just grand. I’ve watched, since the primaries, every major political candidate move away and away and away from science. I know it has to be couched in terms of medical benefits, because everything we do needs to show an immediate return. Yet, yet, there is lots of room for basic science and discovery in this.

Oh, and I am sure that we will hear how this will only benefit the greybeards, and that young people will be frozen out, and that why are we spending money on this when millions of junior people can’t funding, etc etc etc. But at the time the genome project was announced, there was the same moaning and groaning. And yet, many of the current mid-to-mature career folks were the young turks of that project.

I don’t advocate a ambulance-chasing strategy of jumping on the current hot thing (though there will be plenty who do). But if its truly new money, additional money (and not just a zero sum game), as seems to be implied, it will be A Good Thing for all scientists.



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