Things that Frost My Shorts – Fearful Leader Edition

I don’t know what pisses me off more: that my dept head is a certified asshat or that this seems to be ok with the Dean’s office and HR. I have heard sex jokes (with, pick your area: penis, balls, breasts and ladybits as the punchline), classist jokes (poor people, uneducated people, and people who don’t know what metaphorical fork to use), glbt jokes, and now, religion jokes. Quickly followed by “no here is Catholic are they?”. It doesn’t even matter what religion he is.  Complaints have been lodged. I have visited the Dean of Faculty. We are told he will receive counseling. It seems not to matter. Our clinical department makes money, and that is all that counts. This, to me, is the real end of Western Civilization. Although others have remarked, that for people like this man, it never really got started.


4 thoughts on “Things that Frost My Shorts – Fearful Leader Edition

  1. Good God, how does someone like that get to lead a department (clinical and research) wow. There are always people like that around, but you wonder how they were able to rise to that level. I just have to know–is he a clinician or a basic scientist (both)?

  2. The chair of a friend in the humanities is a serial plagiarist, winner of multiple anti-Semitism complaints, hires men for TT jobs without search committees or faculty votes but subjects women to multiple humiliating interviews in she interrogates them about pregnancy plans and, if they get hired, bullies them relentlessly.

    Upper admin thinks she’s great. Union thinks she’s great. Whole campus knows she’s a monster. Whole campus keeps their fucking mouths shut and watches careers get destroyed.

  3. He is an MD and “quite respected in his field” which likely includes others of his ilk. This is a clinical dept in a medical school that cares tremendously about rankings from USN&WR. Our dean is bottom line focused. As long as we run in the black, nearly anything that does not generate bad publicity will be tolerated.

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