My heart goes out…

The NYTimes published an article on GL couples in the military. Turns out lesbian couples are not welcome at workshops or retreats on how to cope with the reality of military life and re-integration back into society after deployment. It seems that the presence of a lesbian couple made others uncomfortable.

Aside from the usual insult and problems of unequal treatment, there are two aspects of this that make me sad. It’s not even that the “others” are saying the lesbian marriage isn’t real, its that somehow these women are not real human beings, with the same real problems, that need real solutions and help and support.

And then I’m sad that the chaplain who was running this, allegedly a person of spirituality (and I’m not going to get into questioning that right now), could not counsel the real “others” in this group – the ones who have a problem with supporting soldiers who are asking for help.

I still hope and believe that in time, these ugly homophobes will be ashamed and look at themselves the same way as we look at the ugly racists who kept children of color out of  schools in the south.



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