The world it doth slowly change

I have a friend who is a gerentologist – she studies public health of aging. She’s in her 60’s, children, grandchildren, established career. We’ve known each other for ages. She has over the years moved her thoughts on LGBT issues from “yuck” to “well, its ok, but not for me”. This has presented some issues to our friendship, but change is happening. The other day she said something along the lines of: Given the extreme sex ratio in the elderly, maybe encouraging and supporting homosexual relationships would be a good thing for older women.

age sex graph

“The population at the age of 85 had 58.3 males per 100 females in 2010” US Census

I was astonished. One part of me wants to say “it’s about time” and another part, the old, old part of me, just wants to rejoice. I truly believe that LGBT acceptance will be commonplace within ten years. That marriage for everyone will be possible. And that in 20 years we will wonder what all the fuss was about all those years ago.


One thought on “The world it doth slowly change

  1. I’m afraid there are countries out there (and very different countries indeed) that won’t let us forget what the fuzz was about for more than 20 years for sure. The world will just freeze in this polarized state for quite a while.

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