why I like the wirecutter blog

The wire cutter is an interesting techno/gadget/equipment site. The research I do is very equipment/tech oriented and I actually started programming on an IBM1130 when I was  in high school. It had the power of a child’s watch. Anyway. I used to  be obsessive about engadget, the-gadgeteer, and gizmodo, CNet and PCmag. Heck I got paper copies of PCMAG before the internet. But it gets  overwhelming and 99% of the stuff on the blogs  is irrelevant,boring and usually both. What makes the wirecutter interesting is that they don’t publish 10 or 20 posts a day. They don’t do lots of numbers and ratings. They tend to recommend one thing per category and say “If I were shopping for an XXX I would get YYY”. Sometimes they change their mind. They add a obvious message when they are out of date. That’s good.


One thought on “why I like the wirecutter blog

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