Freedom and Creationism and my Republican Friends (yup, have some)

I have some republican friends. They are generally good people, out there in the business world in one form or another. They are not racists, or sexists, or homophobes. They just think the economic issues are so much more important than the social ones that they can stomach right wing social idiocy. A good place to start arguing with those folks is to tell them that a real libertarian would support getting the government entirely out of the marriage business. That a real supporter of freedom and liberty would say “anyone who wants to call  themselves married, should be able to” (with appropriate protections for children, a much harder problem).

What just totally makes me foam at he mouth though, is when they fail to see some of the bigger implications of some of the social positions. I see creationism as a threat to freedom, even though I don’t work on evolution. If a person can decide that their “faith” is more important that things that are true, they are no longer rational. Some one who denies evolution (let alone refuses to vaccinate their kids) will use emotions to dictate policy, social, economic or otherwise. Under the guise of “freedom of religion” the fundamentalists can say “my faith indicates that abortion is killing a human being, but that its okay to kill someone who is a murder”.

Did I have some frustrating holiday conversations? Yes I did. Every year I commit to walking away from the idiots. But I can’t. Next year: less scotch, less sweets and less idiots.



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